I think I’m going on a boating trip.

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My name is Bella. I’m from Rome Italy. I’ve been living in the states for 7 years and love it. I’ve mad tons of friends and taken dozens of lovers on the east coast. I wouldn’t change a thing. my most recent boyfriend and I called it quits after about a year. It was mutual. I got and invite for a cruise in our friends yacht across the pond to Europe and then decide where to go from there. All I know and I can’t wait to get my tanning on when I get on the sun deck.

Nothing but peace and serenity.

Bella 💋

Meet April.

By Rob and Wendy Hart

    Hello sexy readers,how is everyone out there? My name is April and I love my dating/sex life. I put alot of work into it but it’s fully worth it if that’s what your searching for. 

Let’s back up to the beginning and how I made it like this. I’m 44 currently dating another couple. I’ve dated both men and women but I prefer couples in the mid 20’s-40’s. You will learn plenty of them as time goes on.

I just never felt the need to marry or commit to some one who wasn’t sexually on the same level as me. I’ve always been comfortable finance wise as my parents own several properties in our small town. Which lies the other problem I have had for years the dating pool around here sucks. I live in rural Maine and I have to keep my relationship a secret as my boyfriend has alot of religious clients who simply wouldn’t understand our relationship. With that being said I am not to enthusiastic to hang out in a social setting with these small minded people. When we take trips to Montreal no one pays much attention to us walking down the street together but one time in Portland at a street festival we got all sorts of looks so we keep it on the down low.

   My personal routine is try and eat as little junk food as possible. Cookies are a nice treat after after a good week of work outs. A good mix of cardio, light weight lifting, swimming and some volleyball with my pick up league keeps my body nice and fit.

I really enjoy trying various types of lingerie and live the look my couple give when I drop my clothes to change. Were all going for a extended couples yacht cruise in a few days and I can’t wait to explore with them. In my relationship I like to call the shots to a point but also let them have some say as not to be controlling. But just wait and see and maybe I can teach everyone something fun.

Ready for bed?

The hot tub investment

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By Rob and Wendy Hart

    An investment in a decent size hot tub is a must for all power couples. It is relaxing place to unwind and entertain other sexy couple’s and friends. It helps also when their is some nice scenery to look at while soaking. Also a few chilled drinks always helps breaks the ice.

What’s not to love about this.

     Of course when you do meet some friends that wish to have a close special friendship that always means you have a place for them to have intimate conversations. Some of the most intimate things we have talked about with people is either in the hot tub,hotel rooms or on the highway with many miles to go till the next town.

You know their weekend just got much more interesting.

Obviously not everyone can afford and or have a hot tub at their private residence as everyone is in a different situation and can’t always accommodate such things but it can be something to work towards. And help make memories that last a lifetime.


Diane’s two cents 👛

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Dear Sexy reader,

I am so happy you enjoyed mine and Russ’s romp with those sexy newlyweds. Foursomes are fun things when the right people are involved. It cheat proofed our relationship long ago. We both came from conservative families but we realized we weren’t like that. Good thing Canada is a open-minded place to live so we didn’t lose to many friends when we moved to Toronto and hit the ground running and exploring our sexuality with other couples and a few girl friends.

Our first time swingng was with our good friends that we worked with at highway diner. They were the owners and really looked out for us by renting us the trailer behind the place and helping get a car on the road. One night we were hanging out drinking Margaritas and a fun game of strip poker ensued. Well we found ourselves making love with our friends and learned that life can be very fun and interesting and more manageable when you have good friends close by.

Join us if your bold enough.

In closing we did also give their wallet back that was just a ploy to get them to come over. We were going to give it back regardless.

Much love

Diane 💗

P.s. Jade and Jesse thanked us and kissed us goodbye before they went back home.

Power couple’s series What if Bride of Chucky.

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                          Power Couple's Series

The Wedding Night a steamy “what if” short story
By Rob
Wendy Hart                             Disclaimer

Hello to all. We are Rob and Wendy. We are a fun married couple that likes to have fun. This is the first of a series of short graphic erotica stories for you reading and viewing pleasure. We are big believers in love and accepting everyone for their little nuances in the world. Regardless of what we see and hear about in the media we have first hand accounts of meeting many beautiful people inside and out from all over the world. We can learn a lot about each if we just try to love more and hate less.
Love is love.

Some people may read this for the fun of it others may use this book as fun little martial aid. You know the world that you and your significant other can open by opening up the mind and bedroom a little bit. Good friendships that can last for years and a lot of steamy interesting times you only hear about or see on T.V. while this may not be every one’s cup of tea we hope we can entertain the true romantics and those with imagination. We hope you enjoy this fun bit of fan fiction. Much more to come.

Rob and Wendy.                          A unlikely meeting     To start off right we have to go transport ourselves to the Chucky universe. Our sexy hero’s Jesse and Jade are spending their wedding night in a love hotel in Niagara Falls.  The room has a feel that many couples have laid down and consummated their relationships in this very room. Silk sheet, a hot tub, lubes and condoms in the drawers what could be more instigating of couples making love. Ahhh the joys of married adulthood.

Jesse stared at their marriage license and thought,
Our first major decision as adults…marriage what will the universe throw out way?

With a sudden turn of the doorknob a sly looking couple in distracting lingerie stood before Jade and Jesse and within less then a minute they learned their life story and had a invitation to share a room and then they were gone back next door. The newly Weds thought for minute and threw all the programming from their conservative upbringing out the window and proceeded to go next door and barged right in to see how the sexy couple naked Russ and Diane would respond.                          The Wedding Night

Jade and Jesse stopped, hanging in the doorway, mouths agape.

Russ and Diane were lying on the bed, wearing pink, lacy lingerie, clearly intimately engaged, and Jade and Jesse had so rudely barged in on them while looking for clues elsewhere.

“Oh my goodness,” Jesse said. “We are so sorry. We didn’t mean to – we didn’t realize the door was – we were looking for – I mean…”

“Hey,” Russ said, “it’s okay. All is forgiven.”

“Really?” Jade asked.

“Yeah!” Diane said. “We don’t hold nothing against nobody. Live and let live, I always say, right, Russ?”

“Right, Diane.”

“Okay,” Jesse said. “Well, it’s good of you be such good sports about this. So if you don’t mind, we’ll just be on our way and we can all act like this never happened.”

“Hey, hey, hold on,” Russ said, interrupting Jesse as she was trying to close the door. “I think you’re being a little hasty. Just because we weren’t planning on you being here doesn’t mean you can’t stay.”

“Really?” Jesse asked.

“Yeah!” Diane said. “Come on up here.” She patted the bed. “We could have a foursome.”

“A what?” Jade asked.

“You know, a foursome!” Diane said. “You guys do know what a foursome is, right?”

Jade and Jesse both shook their heads no.

“What?” Diana laughed and slapped Russ on the shoulders. “They don’t know what a foursome is! You two are full-grown adults, how do you – never mind. A foursome is when four adults all have sex together.”

Jesse cocked his head, confused. “What, you mean like … all at once? With each other? At the same time?”

“Uh-huh,” Diane nodded. “So, what do you say? Come on. Join us!” She patted the bed again.

Jade and Jesse looked to each other, unsure.

“Come on!” Diane said, smacking her hands on the bed like an impatient child. “What are you waiting for? What have you got to lose?”

Jesse shrugged, which was enough encouragement for Jade. They went inside and Jesse locked the door while Jade took off her shirt, earning an approving whistle for Russ.

“Nice bra,” Russ said. “But I think it would look better on the floor, don’t you think, Diane?”

“Oh, yes,” Diane said. “Take it off, sweetheart, take it all off!”

“Okay,” Jade said, taking her bra off slowly. “If you insist.”

“Spin it around and throw it,” Diane said.

Jade rolled her eyes, but she had gotten this far, so she supposed there wasn’t any point in saying no. She twirled the bra around a few times, then it got away from her and she dropped it to the floor rather pitifully. She blushed.

“Good enough,” Diane said. “Get over here.”

Diane went up to the edge of the bed, and Jesse followed her, having liberated himself from his shirt and pants.

“Whoa, hold up,” Diane said.

“What is it?” Russ said. “I wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortably.”

“Where are the condoms?” Jade asked.

Russ and Diane looked at each other, then burst into laughter which awkwardly, painfully died down from a glare by Jade.

“You’re serious,” Diane said.

“Jesse, Jade,” Russ said, “don’t be so boring. What are you, virgins?”

“We’re not virgins,” Jade said, a little defensive. “We’ve had sex with each other before.”

“How many times?” Russ asked.

“That doesn’t matter,” Jesse said.

“Come on,” Diane said. “Try it out without condoms. They just get in the way and they’re hard to put on and they make things all slick, and not in the good way.”

“Won’t we get STDs?” Jade asked with a note of panic.

“Please,” Diane said. “We’re clean. You think we’d invite you if we thought there was a chance it was a serious risk?”

“… yes?”

“Just wash with soap afterwards and you’ll be fine,” Russ said. “And how about this – we promise neither of us will cum inside you fully. How’s that sound?”

“Okay,” Jade said. “What do you think, Jesse?”

“Works for me.”

They made their way to the bed, taking their shirts off as they walked.

“That’s the spirit!” Diane said, immediately grabbing Jesse’s head and bringing his face into her breasts. “Ooh, you’ve got a real nice jawline there, bud.”

“Thanks?” Jesse said.

Diane started to crawl on top of Russ, but she hesitated.

“Hey, hey,” Russ took her wrist. “It’s okay, babe. Get on top of me. I don’t mind.”

Jade climbed on top of him, wearing a blush on her face that made her seem more like an awkward horny high school going through her first time rather than an adult with at least a little sexual experience.

“That’s it,” Russ encouraged her as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Keep going, you’re doing it great, sweetie.”

“So what do we do now?” Jade asked.

“It’s a foursome, Jade, not a mechanical operation,” Russ said. “You just have sex like you normally would! Just, you know, with four people instead of two.”

Jade pulled at her underwear, and Russ moved up to press his cock into her cunt. She jerked a little as the insertion happened.

“You all right?” Russ asked, massaging her shoulder to keep her calm.

“Yeah,” Jade stammered out. “It’s just …” she looked nervously at Jesse to make sure he wasn’t listening in. “You’re bigger than I’m used to.”

Russ chuckled. “Well, hopefully, I’m not rougher than you’re used to.” He placed his hands on her shoulders and lifted up, pressing his cock further into her slit. He lowered himself, then rose back up, bucking and pumping his erection in and out of her at a breakneck pace.

Jade moaned and gasped. She had never experienced anything like this before. Jesse was always so soft and gentle with her, but Russ was … rough. But it was more than that, he was – enthusiastic. It was like he had a hunger that Jade could feel in his movements, a hunger for this carnal pleasure, a hunger for her, and that made her feel very good.

Jesse was going through a similar experience with Diane, as Diane wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his hips and had started pumping and rocking his cock into her slit in an eager, exuberant way that Jesse found more than a little overwhelming.

“A-aren’t you sure you’re not going a little fast?” Jesse asked.

“Life belongs to the ones who seize what they want, dear,” Diane said. “Now come on. Push back a little. Women don’t care for men who don’t know what they want, you know.”

Jesse didn’t know what to think of that, but he wrapped his arms around her the same she had done to him and started pushing back, allowing the friction of their shifting loins to start building and delevoping more of a rapport.

Diane smiled to feel his cock twitching inside her. She could see it building up, getting more and more stimulated. She giggled when she felt a bit of pre-cum escape from the tip of his member and her slit quickly scooped it up without him noticing.

He moaned, his cock filling up to the brim. Diane, eager, moved her hand around and grabbed the base of his member, rubbing it and jerking it off.

“Come on, come on,” Diane encouraged. “Do it, do it. You know you want to. You know I want to.”

“You… said – we wouldn’t…” Jesse tried to protest, completely in vain, as his orgasm and he stopped caring about everything else. He squirted only a few times, but each squirt was solid and thick, just the way Diane liked it.

He looked down at her vagina, having conflicted feelings at the sight of his cum dripping out from her slit. On the one hand, they said they weren’t going to cum into each other, but on the other hand, her slit looked dead sexy stuffed with his spooge.

Jade and Russ were going through a similar issue, as Jade was caught off-guard when Russ’s strong cock shot a powerful, high-pressure blast of cum straight into her pussy. She was more a little shocked, and disliked that he had gone and done it when he said he wasn’t going to. But it felt so warm, and thick, and filling, that it felt good to have him cum inside her. It made her feel special. Important, that he would go so far with her that he gave into his lust and came inside her in spite of what he said he was going to do.

“Okay,” Jesse said, trying to get up from the bed without his cock dripping cum on the sheets – a prospect doomed from the start. “I think that’s enough.”

“We just got started!” Diane said.

“You came into us when you said you weren’t going to!” Jade complained. “Right into our – our … ugh, I still can’t say it.”

“Yes,” Diane nodded. “Yes, we did do that, and maybe we shouldn’t have, but look!” She gestured to Jade’s vagina. “We did that, and you didn’t die! So would you consider opening up a little and maybe trying some things that a little more… experimental?”

Jesse and Jade exchanged looks with each other, seeking the other’s opinion.

“Well?” Diane asked. “Are we going to keep going, or are you two going to be boring stick-in-the-mud Christian moms and bail the minute things get any spicier than a guy without a shirt on?”

“Uncalled for,” Jade said. She pursed her lips. “But… I guess you have a point. Jesse?”

“That… did feel amazing,” Jesse admitted. He’d obviously wanted to use a lesser word than ‘amazing,’ but his true feelings slipped out.

“See?” Diane said. “Is it really so horrible just to have to deal with a tiny bit of cum in your hooch?”

Jade covered her flushing face, flustered by Diane’s incredibly crass language.

“Come on!” Diane said, smacking the mattress with her hands. “It felt good, you both had fun, so why not keep going?”

“Because we’re a mess?” Jesse suggested.

“I think there’s some tissues from the hotel on the night stand,” Russ said.

Jesse found the tissues and took one to wipe himself and gave two to Jade, and a third one when that wasn’t enough.

“Okay,” Diane said, impatient. “You’re all cleaned up. Can we get back to the fun stuff now?”

“I suppose,” Jesse said, and he started approaching Diane.

Diane held her hand out to stop him. “Whoa there, tiger. I know I’m sexy, but what do you think you’re doing?”

“Well, you said…”

“Honey, please! What kind of foursome is it if we just have sex with the same people? No, now’s the time when we swap partners!”

“Oh, okay,” Jesse said. “Not sure there’s much to me being with Jade, since we’re a couple, but I guess if that works for you…”

Diane laughed. “You’re cute. No, no, you’ll be partnering up with Russ, and I’ll be with Jade.”


“Don’t be a spoilsport, Jesse,” Jade said. “I think it could be fun.”

“It will be!” Diane said confidently.

Jesse shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“Oh, at least try it.” Diane grabbed Jesse and tossed him onto the bed on top of Russ while Jade hopped off and went around to be with Diane.

“Hi,” Jade said nervously, facing Diane.

“Hi, cutie.” Diane launched into a kiss, reaching around Jade’s back back to remove her bra while Jade was distracted.

“So…” Jesse said. “How does this work exactly? Do we just… rub our dicks together, or?”

“So unimaginative,” Russ lamented. “You can do whatever you like, but I’ll be doing this.” He grabbed onto Jesse’s cock and started giving him a hand job. stroking it up and down with his palm.

Russ grimaced, his cock twitching and distorting under Russ’s furious ministrations. It felt less like Russ was giving him a hand job and more like he was trying to reshape his cock into the form and shape that suited him.

Meanwhile, Diane finally ripped Jade’s bra from her, exposing her breasts, to Jade’s shock. Then, she latched her mouth on to Jade’s nipple, biting and sucking it.

“Whoa, whoa, hey!” Jade said. “Too hard! You’re biting too hard!”

“Aw,” Diane moaned, disappointed. “I was just getting started, too. Oh well. There’s more than one way to skin a cat…” She took her thumb and rubbed Jade’s nipples in circles, making her nipples firm and erect.

Jade, curious, reached over and started doing the same to Diane, wondering how it felt to touch a woman’s nipples in this way. So intimately… so closely.

Then Diane ruined all the mystique and splendor by taking her other hand and shoving her fingers straight into Jade’s vagina.

“Ooh!” Jade yelped in surprise.

“Ooh,” Diane said, licking her lips with anticipation. “It looks like you missed a spot there earlier.” She took out her fingers from Jade’s vagina, and they dripped with Russ’s cum.

“Thanks for keeping it warm for me,” Diane said with a wink.

“Surely you’re not going to-“

But Diane was going to do that exactly that, and she stuck her fingers into her mouth and sucked the cum off, moaning all the while.

Jesse became very interested in watching Diane do this. It tickled his imagination. But he was watching her so closely he forgot about Russ stroking his cock, and he was caught off-guard when he suddenly (from his perspective) felt a wad building up inside his erection and getting ready to blow.

He turned to Russ and looked nervous. Russ tried to assuage him with a big grin, but it did little to help.

Jesse moaned, breathing heavily as his next wad inched its way through his rod.

“Russ,” Jesse said, “you’re going to make a mess at this rate.”

“Am I?” Russ asked arrogantly.

“Yes! Unless you’ve got some kind of plan, I’m about to spurt all over the mattress!”

“Oh, I have a plan, trust me,” Russ said, smiling with satisfaction as a bit of pre leaked from Jesse’s tip and dripped onto his finger.

“Well, you better do it fast because I’m-!” Jesse gasped, his load becoming too much and his cock shooting a spurt of thin semen straight into the air.

If he didn’t see it, Jesse never would have believed Russ’s plan. Russ’s plan was to open his mouth and catch Jesse’s load inside, and he did so without missing a drop.

“Mm!” Jesse said, shaking his head with a guttural growl. “Wonderful!”

Jesse was overwhelmed with a plethora of different emotions at the fact that another man had just swallowed his cum, ranging from disgust to arousal to curiosity.

Jesse cleared his throat, uncomfortable.

“Go on,” Russ said with that damn smirk on his face. “Ask it.”

“Ask what?” Jesse asked. “I don’t have anything to ask. Why would you think I had something to ask?”

“I know,” Russ said. “You’re wondering. Every guy wonders this question. You’re wondering … ‘did my cum taste any good’?”

Jesse inhaled sharply. “Okay. Fine. Yes, I’m wondering that.”

“Well, you don’t need to worry, buddy. It tasted just fine.”

“Oh, thank goodness.”

“Now it’s your turn,” Russ said with a smile.


“I scratched your back, now you scratch mine,” Russ calmly explained.

“I don’t … I can’t -“

“Sure you can!” Russ placed a hand on Jesse’s shoulders. “You’ve just got to stop living in fear! Try new things. Experience life to the fullest! Not this imitation your mother taught you…”

“But I… another man?” Jesse asked.

“Jesse, you are an adult, right?” Russ asked dryly. “You know it’s perfectly natural for two days to do it with each other?”


“Butt, huh?” Russ said. “That’s a great idea.” He grabbed Jesse by the shoulders, twisted him around, and threw him down on the bed, easing his still-hard cock into Jesse’s butt. “How’s that?”

Jesse was surprised that he found it pleasant. Perhaps not the best, but … pleasant. It was funny. He’d always heard ‘shove it up your ass’ as a bad thing to have happen, but Russ’s cock was so hard, so tight that it felt like a finger massage between his butt-cheeks.

“Ooh, that’s a great idea, sweetie!” Diane cooed. She flashed Jade a grin.

“Uh-huh,” Jade nodded. “You might have a lot of tricks up your sleeve, Diane, but there ain’t no way you’ve got a cock.”

“Does this count?” Diane asked, producing a jock strap from behind her as if from thin air.

Jade was speechless.

“Come on, pretty thing!” Diane slapped Jade’s ass, sending a ripple through her butt cheeks. “Let me see what you’ve got.”

Jade moved with a stilted, puppet-like motion as she crawled onto the bed, laying down next to Russ. She was shocked that such a thing existed, and shocked that Diane had it.

Diane tied the jock-strap around her waist and proceeded to push it into Jade’s asshole, the artifical dildo pressing heavily and hard into Jade.

Jade moaned from the feeling of tightness – of delightful penetration. It was like a wrestling match between her butt cheeks and the jockstrap, the two of them working against each other as her butt fought to keep it out and Diane fought to push in it.

Jade yelped, feeling the jockstrap earn a victory and break through, piercing further into the depths of her rectum.

“Ooh!” Diane moaned. “Jade, you’re so very tight!”

“Is that bad?” Jade asked.

“It is what it is!” Diane looked over to Jesse, who had buried his cheek into the mattress and was trying to hide the fact that he was enjoying this.

“Hey,” Diane said, a smirk on her face. “Russ, I’ve got an idea to make this exciting. Let’s play a little game.”

“What kind of game?” Russ asked, his eyebrows asked.

“Let’s see which of us can make our partner cum first.”

“You’re on,” Russ said.

“What?” Jesse asked. “Who’s on what now? What’s going on?” He shouted as Russ pushed in further, picking up his pace and ramming his cock in and out of Jesse’s ass like a ramrod.

“Whoa!” Jesse shouted, grabbing onto the foot of the bed to keep him steady. “Take it easy there!”

“Easy is for cowards!” Russ shouted. “I’m in it to win it, baby!”

“Win what?” Jade asked, undulating her body as Diane pushed into her, contrasting with Russ’s fast and loose movements by taking her time pushing the jockstrap in and out of Jade’s ass.

Jade moaned, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. There was so much tension in her body that was coming loose as a result of Diane’s actions, like a pile-driver knocking off loose gravel from a rocky path.

“Russ!” Jade shouted, closing her eyes as she felt her entire crotch contract in on itself, like her vagina was trying to reach through her thighs to try and steel the jockstrap from her ass for itself. “I think you’re going to lose!”

“No way!” Russ shouted. “Come on, Jesse! Don’t let me down now!”

Jesse wrinkled up his face, trying to make his orgasm happen. He pushed his body into the mattress, rubbing his cock against the sheets, but it wasn’t enough. “I’m sorry, Russ! I don’t think it’s happening!”


“Yes!” Jade shouted, pushing herself up like a cobra, closing her eyes as she reached her peak, squirting and winking from her slit, dripping her feminine cum onto the hotel sheets. The staff wasn’t going to be happy about that.

“Oh.” Jade moaned, dropping and flopping her head down onto the bed.

Diane smirked and began inching the jockstrap back into Diane’s ass.

“No.” Jade snapped, pointing her finger at Diane. “No. I’ve had enough. I need a break. No. Stop.”

Diane pursed her lips. She pushed her luck by continuing to press in.

“I said, wait a minute!” Jade said, rolling her body over like an alligator death roll, throwing Diane to the floor.

“Whoo!” Diane said, brushing her hair out of her face. “She’s feisty, ain’t she?”

“Sure is,” Jesse agreed, and Jade actually smiled at the compliment.

“Well,” Russ said, still riding into Jesse. “Maybe I can’t make you cum, but I can still do it for myself!”

“What!?” Jesse shouted. “Is that healthy? Or sane?”

“Sure it is!” Russ said. He raised his hand up in the air like he was at a rock concert and about to start a wicked guitar solo. Like Jade did, he closed his eyes as he orgasmed, squirting and pouring his spunk straight down into Jesse’s ass.

“Oh my,” Jesse tensed up, feeling the furious spurt of warm liquid filling up the tender, private part of his body. It made him feel good, and warm and…

Slutty, but in a good way. Like it was nothing to be ashamed of. Something to be proud of, even. That he could go and be a slut without having to worry about what anybody else thought, as long as he was enjoying himself.

“Oh, wow…” Jesse moaned, pushing himself. He bucked up and kicked Russ off, then rolled off the bed. “That was… pretty good.”

“Pretty good!?” Russ’s wounded pride showed on his face.

“Yeah,” Jesse said, looking at Russ. “I mean, what did you expect from a guy whose cum tasted fine?”

Russ stammered and blubbered, struggling to think of a witty response.

The girls giggled at their petty rivalry.

“Well, what do you think, Jade?” Diane asked. “Is it a foursome still so scary for you?”

“No, no,” Jade admitted, getting up from the floor. “I don’t think so. That was pretty fun!”

“Good!” Diane patted Jade on the shoulder. “I’m so glad to see you’ve awakened sexually as a woman.”

“Hey,” Jade protested. “I was awake sexually.”

Diane placed her arm gently around Jade’s shoulders. “No, you weren’t.”

“… Okay, yeah.”

“What about you, Jesse?” Russ asked. “Think you won’t be so afraid of a little homosexuality once in awhile?”

“I did enjoy that,” Jesse admitted. “I just… I didn’t think that I would ever… does that mean I’m bisexual?”

Russ shrugged in such a way as to suggest that not only did he not know, neither did he care.

“Maybe I’m bisexual, too,” Jade thought out loud. “I did just have sex with a woman and … enjoyed it? I mean, I didn’t think I would, but I did.”

“Great!” Diane patted Jade on the shoulder. She leaned in close and whispered. “We really must do this again sometime.”

Jade’s cheeks turned pink. “Uh, that sounds great, but Jesse and I… really have to go right now, isn’t that right, Jesse?”

“Huh?” Jesse asked, earning a glare from Jade. “Oh, right, right.”

The two of them cleaned up, dressed up, and hurried out of the room.

“What a lovely couple,” Jesse said, wrapping an arm around Diane’s shoulder.

“Yes, they are,” Diane said.

Diane rolled over and got on top of Russ, pressing her vagina onto his cock.

“Mm,” Russ moaned. “Feels a little weird, being inside you again after all that … bonding.”

“Does it?” Diane asked.

“Yeah. There was so much cum flying everywhere, I couldn’t tell what was whose. Like you, right now. Your cunt is so sticky, and I don’t know if it’s from me, Russ, or Jade.”

“Well, I know just the thing that will make you happy regardless of who it is,” Diane said.

“You got their credit card information, didn’t you?”

“Yes, yes, I did,” Diane said.

Jade brought Jesse back into their own hotel room, swung him around, and threw him onto the bed.

“Jade?” Jesse asked as Jade stalked towards him like a panther on the hunt. “What are you doing? I thought we had something important we needed to do.”

“We do,” Jade said. “That is to say, there’s something I should have done with you a long time ago. Diane and Russ really opened my eyes to how much we’ve been missing out on.”

Jesse remained confused, but Jade got onto the knees and unzipped his pants, freeing his cock and bringing it into her mouth.

“Jade?” Jesse asked. “Not that I wouldn’t totally love for you to give me a proper blowjob, but isn’t there a serial killer on the loose?”

“Let him be someone else’s problem for awhile,” Jade said, waving her hand around. “Now, let me at that sweet cock of yours, my darling.”

“I … oh. Oh my. Ooh, okay, all right …” Russ moaned, closing his eyes as Jade began to work on his cock. He leaned back on the bed, letting Jade continue to suck and stroke at his cock. It felt strange, for them to be participating with each other like this after they had just did a round robin with two total strangers, but Russ liked it. He liked the adventurousness of it, the thrill. The mystique.

It wasn’t long before they had settled into a rhythm, and they were bouncing all around the room, doing whatever crazy sexual experiment they could think of, making up for lost time and rivaling Diane and Russ’s kinkiness within minutes. Things are about to get wild in here

A new bonding experience for the sexy couples A unexpected climax Let’s get kinky because it feels so good.

Russ and Diane have seduced a couple or two before

One of best feeling a couple can feel is bring another couple in their bed.

Fluid bonding is what can make couples lifelong friends

Switching back is extremely erotic. No judgement simply love!